New O.E. Style Charge-Air Coolers

2 Year Warranty

Av-Tekk's new O.E. style charge-air coolers are offered for many high volume applications. The no core requirement simplifies the ease of service replacement. New O.E. style charge-air coolers are one of Av-Tekk's lowest cost highest quality options that anyone is guaranteed not to regret choosing.

Av-Tekk's O.E. Style coolers are 100% brand new, not just a new heat exchanger brick and reused manifolds/tanks. They are manufactured using the exact same standards and specifications used for the charge-air coolers they replace. Av-Tekk's New OE Style designs are available in many high volume applications and as a direct result of this robust process Av-Tekk is able to offer an outstanding warranty on all of the heavy duty coolers.

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