Av-Tekk Charge-Air Cooler Products

Today, charge-air coolers are used on virtually every heavy-duty truck. they are essential to meet engine manufacturers' design objectives for horsepower, fuel economy, and exhaust emissions. We offer a full line of products featuring our New and New Heavy Duty Charge-Air Coolers and accessories.


Av-Tekk Products begin with our industry leading HD Coolers (Our Heavy Duty Bar & Plate Designs.) The Av-Tekk line doesn't stop there, no our New O.E. style, (Tube & Fin Designs) offer the perfect replacements for that factory equipment. Click on the corresponding links below for more information.

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Av-Tekk Charge-Air Cooler Products

Av-Tekk Heavy Duty Bar & Plate Charge-Air Coolers

Av-Tekk New O.E. Style Tube & Fin Charge-Air Coolers

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Quick Check Leak Test Kit, the name says it all, and who can beat not even having to remove the cooler from your vehicle to test it for leaks. Av-Tekk Brand Hose & Clamp Kits are an Industry First! These little kits make purchasing your new cooler easier than ever. Click the corresponding links below for more information!

Quick Check Leak Test Kits

Av-Tekk Brand, Quick Check Leak Test Kit

Av-Tekk Hose & Clamp Kits

Av-Tekk Brand, Hose & Clamp Kits Industry First!

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