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The trend toward smaller sized engines producing higher horsepower and more strict emission standards places increased stresses on critical performance components such as turbochargers and charge-air coolers. With the more strict emisions guidlines there is an ever increasing need for imprpoved egr coolers and oil coolers.

Charge-air coolers are a critical component in your air induction system that improves engine efficiency. When this system is properly working, it provides better horsepower, increased fuel efficiency, and reduces engine emissions. A leaking charge-air cooler accounts for the greatest percentage of fuel loss for on-road diesel trucks. Clogged or improperly working egr coolers and oil coolers not only effect emisions, but can also effect fuel economy and engine performance as well.

That is why Av-Tekk is your number one solution. Since the start of our company, our brand of charge-air coolers has been revolutionizing the industry. From our O.E. style (tube & fin) charge-air coolers, to our amazing Heavy Duty Bar and Plate designs, Av-Tekk is constantly working to improve our brand through the quality of products we provide. With our new line of Grizzly Air EGR & Oil Coolers, Av-Tekk's products continue to stand above the rest. You can find more information by clicking on the links below.

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