Av-Tekk Options & Solutions

Today, charge-air coolers are used on virtually every heavy-duty truck. They are essential to meet engine manufacturers' design objectives for horsepower, fuel economy, and exhaust emissions. The trend toward smaller sized engines producing higher horsepower places increased stress on critical performance components such as turbochargers and charge-air coolers.

A typical cooler operating with slightly over 400°f inlet temperature will drop the boosted air's temperature to just over 100°f before it enters the engine. This drop of nearly 300°f causes extreme thermal stresses from expansion and contraction of the entire structure. These stresses along with engine load variances and chassis vibrations cause frequent fatigue failures, the majority being cracked header plates and air tubes (see image below).

"Fix and Go"
Low Cost/Low Quality

This method utilizes a putty fix by a radiator repair shop that is not very durable and often leads to wasted time. It does not strengthen the weak areas that can, and eventually will, fail when placed back into use.

"Replace and Re-Weld"
High Cost/High Quality

This solution requires complete heat exchanger replacement but is subject to the quality of the heat exchanger for proper efficiency.

"Av-Tekk New and New HD"
Low Cost/Highest Quality

Av-Tekk's New O.E. Style Charge-Air Coolers and New HD Charge-Air Cooler units are new replacement and require no core. We offer both to cover many diesel applications. Contact your local dealer for more information.