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Av-Tekk began in the 90's when the need for a high quality/low cost heat transfer solution presented itself in the charge-air cooler market. When other low quality options left much to be desired, Av-Tekk responded with the highest quality remanufactured coolers available for a lower cost. From a grand beginning, Av-Tekk offered the only FAA approved, rebuild process for charge-air coolers, now Av-Tekk has grown to offer the best heavy duty charge-air coolers on the market, top of the line remanufactured egr and oil coolers, and Av-Tekk's very own Quick Check Leak Test Kit. The Av-Tekk brand has quickly grown to become the best solution in the industry.

With replacement models for most charge-air coolers in the industry, and our ever growing EGR product line Grizzly Air (with products ranging from light duty to class 8 applications) Av-Tekk products truly stand above the rest.

Our product utilizes a dealer network that spans the United States to help service your replacement needs. So, if you are tired of replacing then it's time to get the best solution.

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